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Breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that is performed by resection of adipose and glandular tissue, as well as by removing excess skin remaining. This operation allows you to solve both physiological and psychological problems associated with breast hypertrophy.

What Is Reduced Mammoplasty?

The chest consists of glandular tissue that is attached to the chest wall. Between the lobules of the gland is a layer of adipose tissue, the volume of which can vary in a significant range. It is due to it that the breast can become smaller during the diet. The operation involves the removal of excess glandular tissue, as well as “excess” skin. In the process, the surgeon forms the volume of the breast that the patient wants to receive. The result of reduction mammoplasty is an elastic and neat chest. Along with the reduction in breast size, other plastic surgeries can be performed, for example, mastopexy, or breast lift, nipple shape correction, areola and other procedures.

Indications For Carrying Out Plastic Operations To Reduce The Breast

Women with a small bust often look enviously at the owners of a magnificent breast, not even realizing how many problems it can cause. Breast hypertrophy leads to the fact that the chest becomes very heavy. The consequence of this is an increase in the load on the spine, and in the future – tension in the neck, pain in the shoulders and lower back, and often headaches. In addition, diaper rash and irritation may appear in the folds under the breast due to humidity, which also causes discomfort. That is why plastic surgery for breast reduction is in demand no less than breast enlargement. The main indications for reduction mammoplasty are:

breast hypertrophy;

·         physical and psychological problems associated with large breast size;

·         deterioration in posture, which is a consequence of increased load on the spine;

·         displacement of the axis of the body;

·         pain in the chest and neck;

·         the appearance of diaper rash and irritation in the fold under the breast;

·         decrease in skin sensitivity in the chest and chest.

In addition, it is worth noting that breast hypertrophy can be a consequence of endocrine diseases and a number of hormonal disorders. That is why, before deciding on surgical breast reduction, it is important to visit an endocrinologist. Perhaps, conservative treatment will be required at first, and after that it will be possible to perform reduction mammoplasty.

Contraindications for Plastic Operation To Reduce The Breast

Thinking about plastic surgery for breast reduction, many women forget that such a procedure has its contraindications. All restrictions to perform this operation can be divided into 2 groups.

Absolute contraindications. This group includes conditions in which the operation is associated with a risk to health and even life. These include serious heart, liver, and kidney diseases, diabetes, HIV infection, hepatitis, and some other diseases.


Temporary contraindications. The conditions included in this group suggest the possibility of surgical intervention in the near or distant future. These include pregnancy and recent lactation, fever, fever and several other conditions. Also among the contraindications is the age of up to 18 years, since during this period the mammary glands only form.

Preparation for Operation

Today, breast reduction surgery is quite common. However, like any other surgical intervention, it requires special preparation of the patient. First of all, it is necessary to get a detailed consultation of a plastic surgeon. He will tell the patient about how breast reduction is carried out, listen to all her wishes and on their basis will offer one way or another way to solve the problem. After a compromise between the requirements of the patient and the possibilities of modern plastic surgery is found, the surgeon will prescribe the necessary tests and examinations. Usually their list includes a general and biochemical blood test, chest x-ray, ECG, ultrasound of the mammary glands, an analysis of HIV and not only. About a week before the procedure, you must stop drinking alcohol, and also stop taking blood thinners (aspirin, hormones, etc.).


The duration of reduction mammoplasty is approximately 2-3 hours. Just before the operation, the surgeon measures the parameters of the breast. After that, he marks the cut lines with a marker and sterilizes the chest. The procedure is carried out under general anesthesia, while intravenous or endotracheal anesthesia can be used. Seams are most often located in the form of an inverted letter “t”. This reduction allows you to get the most aesthetic results, regardless of the complexity of the operation. If necessary, the doctor can choose a vertical seam: this technique is suitable for a small or medium amount of work. The surgeon makes incisions, removes excess skin and adipose tissue and moves the areola and nipple higher, without separating from the nerves. At the end of the procedure, the doctor places self-absorbable sutures. In the future, after the operation, the cut lines turn pale or become almost invisible. Drains are installed to remove fluid and blood, and gauze dressings are applied to the sutures. To fix the chest, use a special compression bra.

Rehabilitation Period

Despite the fact that reduction mammoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and does not require much time, the rehabilitation period after the intervention is usually one and a half to two months. In order to make recovery as comfortable as possible, at this time it is necessary to avoid:

·         visits to the solarium,

·         physical activity

·         trips to the sauna or bath,

·         sunbathing.

Also in the first few weeks after reduction mammoplasty, it is recommended to constantly wear compression underwear, which is responsible for maintaining the breast in a normal position.

Cost Of Operation To Reduce The Breast

Of course, during the planning period for reduction mammoplasty, most patients are interested in how much the breast reduction surgery costs. However, it is impossible to name the exact amount without personal consultation, since the price depends on a number of factors:

·         choice of clinic and surgeon,

·         the presence or absence of additional manipulations,

·         duration of hospital stay, etc.

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