Each person has a different lifestyle, and therefore the effects of aging are rapid. over time, the body; aging is accelerated due to smoking, alcohol, irregular life, inattention, constant makeup, irregular nutrition and diseases, the homogeneous natural color of the face changes and leads to an unhealthy appearance. After all these problems are eliminated with non-surgical facial rejuvenation applications, especially for those who are afraid of surgery, the skin begins to look more vigorous and healthy. Facial rejuvenation applications are not very painful procedures. Pain is relieved with mild painkillers according to the patient’s pain. Face lift applications performed on average 40 years and above can also be applied to people who show signs of premature aging and are below this age.

Laser Facial Rejuvenation

With the use of lasers on the skin, collagen and connective tissue are formed and the skin begins to look more vibrant. It is used in facial rejuvenation process, fractional Rays are used. Laser treatment is performed in certain sessions. Especially before treatment, cleaning the entire skin with masks using organic materials gives much more positive results in laser facial rejuvenation treatment. Radiofrequency microneedle needles are used in fractional facial rejuvenation process. Micronutrients shrink the pores of the skin, and the skin begins to tighten. Acne scars are also eliminated treatment is completed in 3-4 sessions on average. Session intervals range from 3 to 5. are available.

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Istanbul facial rejuvenation treatment is performed without surgery. The persistence of non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment varies from person to person. It has permanence from about 2 years to 5 years. Since its popularity has increased in recent years and it is not a surgical operation, the preferred treatment method is an application that can be performed with different methods.

  • Fractional beam method
  • Ultra Matrix tightening method
  • Golden triangle method ● rope face lift method
  • Filling method

Skin and subcutaneous tissues can be repaired and aging can be delayed by the non-surgical facial rejuvenation process. There are points that Mr. and Mrs. patients should pay attention to. Facial rejuvenation procedures are performed at certain points in the face area. After the procedure, these points become sensitive and some care should be taken. After treatment, the necessary care and care should be taken so that old wrinkles do not reappear and increase, especially patients should clean the facial area very well before leaving. go to bed at night and remove makeup, if any, to thoroughly remove toxins from the face and prevent these toxins from entering the cells under the skin, rubbing 4-5 times with clean water also its life.

Face Rejuvenation FAQ’s

Are there risks of facial rejuvenation surgery?

Yes when facial rejuvenation surgeries are performed by experienced doctors and specialists, the risk ratio decreases. In facial rejuvenation operations, the experience of the doctor who will perform the operation is important.

Will my expression and smile change?

Yes After applying facial rejuvenation, the expression in the facial area changes, although it is not very pronounced. This happens with a change in expression within the first 1-2 weeks. But this change of expression does not last forever. At the end of the last 1-2 weeks, after application, the facial expression returns to its normal natural appearance.

Can facial sagging be prevented with facial rejuvenation?

Yes Neck sagging, looseness, low brow, sagging eyelids and under-eye bags may occur in the face area. With facial rejuvenation, all these negatives are eliminated. You can start the treatment process by choosing our expert and experienced team for facial rejuvenation application.

What is the difference between a non-surgical face lift and a laser rejuvenation?

The change is fully visible. In laser facial rejuvenation, the process works on the top layer of the skin. These two processes are complementary.

How many facial rejuvenation Sessions should be performed?

A single procedure is usually enough, but additional sessions can be requested depending on the collagen production time and the skin structure of the person who will October. As aging will continue, retouching may be applied in the future.

Is non-surgical facial rejuvenation a safe method?

Applied worldwide for more than 50 years, this procedure is a safe method unless you have an active skin disease.

What is the duration of facial rejuvenation?

Although the length of the procedure varies according to the method and plan applied by your doctor, it takes up to 60 Minutes with common methods.

Who is suitable for facial rejuvenation surgery?

This process is preferred by people over the age of 18 who experience sagging skin due to their skin.

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