The effects of stress and life conditions affect our skin. There are various treatment methods to get rid of these negative effects. Filling applications can be preferred not only for wrinkle problems, but also to have a fuller lip or more attractive facial features. It is an effective treatment method that includes a reliable medical practice. It is an application with fast effective and successful results. It is among the most preferred applications in aesthetics. As a result of treatments with the support of hyaluronic acid-based fillers, effects such as fine lines, wrinkles, lip plumping, and cheekbones can be achieved.
Every woman wants to be more aesthetic and younger looking. The purpose of filling applications is to make the facial features more prominent and to achieve a youthful appearance.
Filling applications, which are frequently preferred because they are performed without surgery, remove wrinkles under the eyes, make the lips look fuller and prevent wrinkles and sagging on the face.

Filling Application Overview

Because we are exposed to the sun’s Rays for a certain period of time every day, these effects, combined with aging, can cause various skin problems. Fine lines and deep wrinkles are removed by filling with hyaluronic acid-based filler injection. It is also possible to give the face a different shape with the use of this substance. Another reason fill applications are so reliable is that they are not permanent. The filler decays between 4 and 6 months. Therefore, it is a practice that should be repeated at regular intervals. Applied operations do not take very long. Before application within 10-15 minutes, the pain is not sensed with the support of anesthetic creams. Recovery time is very short. Immediately after the treatment, you can easily continue your daily life.

Hyaluronic acid used in treatment is the most used filling material in the world. The most important feature is that our body has a certain amount of this acid. Injecting a metabolism-compatible substance also prevents possible allergic reactions. After application, you can expect the substance to melt when you are not satisfied, or an injection of a substance that accelerates its melting can be performed. A substance called Hyalines is used in melting processes.

Uses of Filling Application

Filler application is used in many different areas:

  • Wrinkled facial lines on the edges of the nose and the edges of the lips are removed by filling application.
  • Lines descending from the edges of the lips are removed with this application.
  • Also used for fine lines on the lip.
  • Puberty acne or subsequent acne and scars can be removed with filler application.
  • It is an application for plumping lips.
  • People with very depressed eyes can have a filler application to eliminate this appearance.
  • Used to make the jaw line more prominent.
  • Used to make cheekbone and cheeks more prominent.
  • Used to create percentage lifting effect.
  • Eliminates problems such as drooping eyelids and low eyebrows.

Filling Application Types

Face Filling

Forehead, lips, edges of eyes, parts such as detention, are among the parts where filling treatment is most often applied in the face area. Wrinkles that occur especially in the forehead area and between the two eyebrows with decaying of the eyebrows are unwanted wrinkles.

What people who want to have a face filler are most interested in is the life of the face filling. The effective period of face filling is between 6 – 12 months. The subject of when the face filling shows its effect also takes its place among those who are curious. Face filling is made to make the skin plump and voluminous and shows its effect immediately after application.

Before applying for face filling, prices may not be certain. Elements such as the patient’s skin condition and how much filling material to use, how much area to apply, change prices. Face filling prices in 2022 prices may be different for each patient.

Lip Filling

The most noticeable part of the face area is that the lips are beautiful and aesthetic, it is every woman’s dream. Lines and sagging around the lips, usually due to aging, are a nightmare for women. Often people with thin lips want to have lip filler to make their lips look more voluminous and plump.
Lip filling is made with hyaluronic acid. This substance, which is also naturally present in the body itself, begins to decrease over time. Hyaluronic acid, contained in the filler, is used to plump the lips.
The answer to the question of how permanent lip filling is decidedly between 1 and 1.5 years. This time varies according to the filler used in hyaluronic acid. With different fillers, the duration may be different. Of course, it also depends on the person’s lifestyle, mimic habits and environmental conditions.
Lip filling prices 2022 Istanbul prices may differ depending on the doctor who will perform the application, the filler used and the amount of filler.
By performing a preliminary examination, the application area is determined and the filler size to be used is determined. Thus, lip filling prices 2022 are determined. Even if Istanbul lip filling shows its permanence for many years, its prices may also vary depending on this.

Jaw Filling

Jaw filling is used to eliminate the wrinkle on the top of the jawbone created by jawbones that become flexible due to aging. Jaw filling can also be applied for male patients.

Suitable candidates for jaw filling are:

  • Those who want their chin to look wider
  • People with short jaws
  • Those who want to make the jaw corner obvious
  • Those who want the jaw to be more ovalized

Jaw Filling Prices vary depending on the experience of the doctor who will perform the application, the filler used, and the amount of substance to be used. Jaw filling is a practice performed as a session every 2 years. You can get information about prices by consulting our expert and experienced team for jaw filling Istanbul prices.

Cheek Filling

The cheek filling, which is preferred by people with weak facial features, allows the facial bones to protrude outward. It is essential that the cheek filling, which will be done without deteriorating the oval of the face, should be done by reliable and expert people.

Cheek filling is made with fillings that are a mixture of hyaluronic acid and mineral substances, without deteriorating the main structure of the skin. Cheek filling prices are affected by several factors.

You can talk to our team for cheek filling Istanbul prices, after the application to be made after the preliminary examination is determined, the price is determined and thus the treatment process begins.

Things to Know Before Filling Application

Before any skin treatment, it is necessary to investigate the treatment that will be performed. After obtaining information, you should meet with experts and ask questions that are curious. The most curious side effects of filling application. The product used in filling application does not cause an allergic reaction, as it is a substance found in our body. Since a product of the nature of the body is injected, do not worry about side effects.

Filling has no lasting effect. According to the skin structure and the person applied, the substance continues to maintain its effect for several months. A new session can be performed when the effect completely disappears or begins to decrease. It is effective in changing the content, density and duration of action of the filler used where it is applied.

Filling application can be done together with other aesthetic applications. When done in conjunction with Botox, it removes its deep wrinkles more quickly. Doing it together with different applications also increases the permanence of the filling under the skin.

What Patients Should Consider Before Filling Application?

Although it is an application that is easy to return to, you must research the center where the application will be made well to avoid bad experiences. Currently, there are places that operate under the name of a beauty center, but do not have a certificate of approval and attract patients at affordable prices. Application of filler, when done by amateur people, can cause very bad results. It is important that the doctor who will perform the application is also experienced and can understand the wishes of patients.

Apart from hyaluronic acid as a filler, you should not allow the use of materials that you do not know what they are. Foreign substances can cause allergic reactions on your skin. Hyaluronic acid is used as the number one filler in the world. There are also different brands of this acid. According to the skin problems of patients, it is necessary to choose a product with the appropriate density. The expert who will make the application determines the right product for you.

The filling application is not permanent, but when done regularly, the permanence period lasts even longer. Therefore, when you are not satisfied at the stage of the procedure, be sure to share it with your doctor. It is recommended to use substances known as permanent fillers. These substances are not integrated with skin tissues such as hyaluronic acid. Permanent fillings damage the skin’s own tissue. If a correct application is not made, blisters may occur on the skin. In applications performed with hyaluronic acid, the maximum side effect will be redness and light bruises that will last for several days.

In Which Part Of The Face Does The Filling Application Work Better?

Popular types of fillers have also begun to replace many plastic surgeries. The results of filling applications, especially in the nose area, are very successful. In this way, it reduces the need for aesthetic nose surgery. Its immediate effect also leads many people to apply filler instead of plastic surgery. Fillings applied to cheeks and lips also give very successful results.

What Are The Differences Between Filling And Botox?

Botox applications are a common practice on television and the internet. Therefore, all treatments that have a rejuvenation effect are called Botox. Filling and Botox application are different applications. Injection process is used in both applications. Although they are different applications, they are applications that support each other’s effects. Therefore, for advanced wrinkles, these two forms of treatment are used together. Botox application does not work in areas where filling application is used. Botox is not preferred for obvious cheekbones or removal of fine lines.

In Botox, a drug derived from a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum is used. Botox is preferred for wrinkles formed by muscle contraction. This practice, which relaxes muscles, helps reduce wrinkles. It may take a period of 10 days for the Botox process to literally sit on the skin. It is a non-permanent application like filling and has a permanence lasting 4-6 months. It is a more preferred application for frown lines, forehead lines and eye edge wrinkles.

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