What Is Jawline Filler?

Chin filler is a procedure performed by analyzing your face shape in detail to get the most suitable jaw line, slightly lengthen the appearance of the jaw and give you a more angular appearance. Chin filler is an ideal application suitable for anyone who wants to achieve a more chipped and contoured face profile.

The chin filler consists of high-quality hyaluronic acid (HA) gels that are injected into the patient’s face to improve its appearance. Hyaluronic acid is a clear substance that helps the skin retain water and occurs naturally. Fine lines and wrinkles are filled by injecting the substance into the jaw area. In this way, the skin is seen more moist, healthy and refreshed. It also helps the condition of collagen and elastin under the skin, providing a younger and revitalized appearance.

What Can Jawline Filler Be Used For And Who Can Have Jaw Filler?

Jawline filler is a great non-surgical solution that allows the jaw to be smoothly contoured or perfectly cut, creating the ideal lower face. It reduces the effects of aging by giving volume to the skin that has lost its Normal form.

By filling the targeted areas, the chin is brought to the appropriate form to ensure that the facial features are in harmony, giving the face a sense of balance and proportion.

Fillers help reshape the jaw area by helping the jaw to be as it should be. It also allows patients to achieve an ideal contour from the chin to the neck to give this area a more angular appearance. With a strategic application, the most suitable side and front profile for your jawline is determined. Chin filler with anti-aging effect is an excellent option. Filler is injected into the front of the jaw to prevent the lip November from sagging.

This treatment is very popular, especially among movie stars and models, and is preferred by young patients who want to have an ideal decency.

What Are The Most Common Disfigurements In The Jaw?

One of the most common disfigurements in the jaw area is the congenital and small jaw compared to the face or asymmetric jaw structure. Deformities and tissue losses caused by accidents or injuries suffered by the patient are also problems that can be treated with jaw filling applications. Among these complaints is the weakening of the jaw tissue seen in old age and the decaying of the jaw structure.

As with all treatments, our chin filler specialists analyze all your facial features and determine your demands. In this way, the most suitable jaw filling is made for your needs. The main goal of jawline filler treatment is to get the look you want and be compatible with your face.

What Do Jawline Filler Treatments Include?

Jawline filler treatments include injection of hyaluronic acid (HA) gels to restore the volume lost in the jaw area. Lines, sagging and wrinkles are corrected during the professional placement of filler injections. The target part is removed and reshaped to restore the lost shape.

In some cases, a treatment combination, such as lateral jawline injections, can be performed for patients to give the jaw and jaw line area a larger contour and shape. Together with our expert and experienced doctor, we ensure you get the best results for your individual needs.

What Kind Of Jawline Filler Is Used?

The best jaw filler for the jaw and jaw line area are those that are robust and long-lasting to counteract the effects of sagging. Only biodegradable safe and effective fillers are used for jaw filling. These fillers are the best jaw filler, both while being long-lasting fillers and because they have a more voluminous consistency. These fillers are clear and high quality hyaluronic acid gels, similar to the natural hyaluronic acid in our skin.

When Does Jawline Filling Take Effect?

Jawline fillers are effective as soon as the injection is made and instantly lift and shape your face. The treatment is effective for a long time. The patient receives effective results 9 -12 months after treatment.

Does It Have Any Surgical Incisions?

No incision is made in the treatment of jaw filler, and you can continue your normal activities immediately after treatment. Some patients may experience a slight swelling or bruising after a few days. However, most patients instantly return to their normal activities without any problems.

Is There Any Risk Of Side Effects Or Complications Of The Jawline Filling Process?

Common side effects of jawline filler are as follow: 

  • Temporary discomfort
  • swollen
  • Redness
  • Itch
  • Acne rash

Less common side effects may include:

  • Infection
  • Skin nodule formation
  • Inflammatory skin reaction (granulomas)
  • Skin lumps

Serious complications of jaw fillers are rare. If the injection procedure is performed by a specialist doctor, the risk of complications in the facial nerves and arteries is minimized.

Severe complications may include:

  • Tissue death caused by blood flow blockage
  • Asymmetry
  • Scar
  • Blood vessel injury

Changes After Jawline Filling

With the natural aging process and the loss of structural proteins and facial fat, the skin loses its naturalness. For this reason, asymmetries in the jaw are corrected in order to get a better profile and have a weaker jaw line. For women and men, the best treatment method for correcting the jawline is jawline filling.

With a carefully selected jawline filler the following is provided: 

  • Bringing the weak or non-obvious jaw structure to the desired shape
  • Getting the appearance of the tickle, which is decreasing or losing its prominence
  • Plumping the jawline line, which has lost its volume
  • Correction of disfigurement caused by aging
  • Increase the volume of the entire jaw from the jaw to the ear
  • Correction of jawline asymmetry
  • Creating percentage profile compliance by providing a balanced view

What Are The Advantages of Jawline Filling Compared To Other Methods?

Methods such as filling, surgery and liposuction are used to correct deformities that occur later due to genetic reasons, aging, or as a result of accidents or operations.

Surgical correction is performed with surgery, liposuction and filler methods are preferred without surgery. Surgical methods are permanent and have no compensation, while non-surgical jaw filling can be restored when a change in the filling is requested. In operations where anesthesia is used, the healing process is longer. In the filling process, there is no need for time to heal and it is a fairly fast procedure.

How Much Does Jawline Filler Cost?

The cost of jawline filling varies according to personal preferences, the amount of filling material to be applied and the method. We invite you to our clinic to learn more about the jawline filling method and the procedure that best suits your wishes.

Jawline Filler FAQ’s

What is Jawline?

Jawline is the name of the hard line on the chin. The Shape of the jawline can vary according to genetic factors, the ratio of fat in the body and the person’s facial exercises

Is it possible to get a younger face with jawline filling?

The young face has a triangular and tight skin structure. As you age, the face takes a square appearance with sagging skin on the edge of the jawline. Chin filler is a method used to achieve a firmer appearance of the skin. In this way, the chin area is beautified and a better appearance is provided.

The chin filler is applied to the edges of the jaw and the folds of the mouth, thereby reducing the sagging of the skin in this area. In addition, the depth of the lower jaw is reduced along with filling, providing a more aesthetic appearance.

Is Jawline filling a painful procedure?

The jawline filling procedure is easier than you’d expect. Our experienced specialists perform this procedure very precisely. The chin filler is applied carefully, so you will only feel a slight ache in your skin during the procedure. Inside the fillers there is anesthesia, so you will not feel pain. Drug cream can also be used according to the patient’s demand.

How many cc fillers should be used for jawline filling?

In jawline filler applications, the amount of filler is determined in accordance with the established procedure. If the person’s jaw volume is small and behind the jaw structure or the jaw lines are hard, filler material between 4 and 6 cc is used to make these lines deciduous. Only 2 cc is enough to make the jaw line obvious. On average, between 2 and 6 cc filling is used.

Can men also get jawline fillers?

Jawline filling is a method that is often preferred by men, just like women. For men, more masculine jawlines are defined, the corners of the jaw become obvious and expanded. This method is very popular nowadays.

Is Jawline filling procedure safe?

Jaw filling is very safe procedure if it done by specialist doctors.

Who is not suitable for Jawline filler?
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Those with bleeding and coagulation disorders
  • Those with active autoimmune disease
  • People with hypersensitivity to the filler
Application time:

A jawline filling made with hyaluronic acid is completed in an average hour, along with the half-hour period that takes for the anesthetic cream to take effect. If adipose tissue is to be used in the filling process, it takes up to two hours with the process of removing fat from the abdominal or basal area of the patient.

By Who Should Jaw Filling Be Applied?

For procedures with hyaluronic acid, jawline filling can be performed by a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or medical aesthetic specialist. But if the jawline filling will be performed using fat injection or stem cell-assisted fat injection methods, it can only be performed by a plastic surgeon.

How Long Can You Go Back to Work After Jawline Filling?

After the jawline filling process, tenderness and swelling may occur in the application area for 2 days. Going to work on the first day is not recommended. Swelling and bruising that may occur due to the injection will pass within 1 Week. After filling, full recovery takes 2 weeks.

How Long is the Permanence of the Jaw Filling?

The persistence of the jawline filling varies depending on personal factors and the quality of the filling material used. It is permanent for an average of 12 -15 months. In some cases, the process can be repeated.

Can Edema and Swelling Occur After Jawline Filling?

In the process of jawline filling, there may be some bruising and swelling. With the cream and ice compress recommended by the doctor, they will pass in a short time. In the filling process with oil injection, 1-2 weeks are required for complete recovery.

Things to do to make the Jawline Filling Last Longer
  • Protecting your skin from UV light and sun using sunscreen
  • Maintaining your skin’s moisture balance
  • Following a healthy diet
  • Reducing stress

Jaw filling, which is one of the most popular applications in recent years, is best done by our specialist physicians using quality and long-lasting filling materials. For your dream face profile, please call us and request an appointment.

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