What Is Under-Eye Light Filler?

The eyes are the most noticeable part of the face and are very effective on first contact. This has been scientifically proven. The image of the eye area, which is visually quite important, changes with the sagging of adipose tissue on the face. Due to aging, the skin loses its elasticity and cannot bear the weight of this adipose tissue. Thus, sagging occurs. First, a crack is formed by the separation of the adipose tissue under the eyes and cheeks. It’s called Under-Eye Bags. In later stages, the edges of the nose, chin and neck become more sagging.

Bags under the eyes, sagging and bruises are a common problem for many people. For this, the most effective and natural methods should be investigated. Light filling is most preferred for the elimination of under-eye problems. As a remedy for problems around the eyes, hyaluronic acid, found in the human body, is also used for light filling under the eyes. In this way, if the need for a surgical operation is not required, the ideal form is obtained only by injecting a certain amount of hyaluronic acid into the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is effective after the injection process. In the area where hyaluronic acid is injected, elastin and collagen production begins to increase. As a result, it is seen that the problems under the eyes decrease, the moisture balance of the skin is restored and a younger and brighter appearance is achieved.

What is the content of the light filling under the eye?

Temporary dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid (HA) are the safest fillers for a sensitive area such as under the eye. The most important feature of hyaluronic acid is that it provides water to the skin, ensuring that water stays on the skin for a long time. In this way, it provides moisture balance of the skin. As a result of these procedures, the eye area looks younger and gets a glittering appearance.

How Is Light Filling Under The Eye Performed?

Hyaluronic acid filler, used to treat bruises and bags under the eyes, is the substance that the skin needs and provides moisture balance to the skin. Surgery is easily performed without requiring it. For this, thin-tipped filler injection tools are used. The steps of the process are;

  • Examination: doctor’s examination is essential before application. In this way, the degree of the problem, the person’s desires and skin color should be determined.
  • Anesthesia: local anesthesia is applied around the eyes to make the patient more comfortable. When local anesthesia begins to take effect, the procedures begin.
  • Process applied: hygiene is important. For this reason, the eye area and under-eye area are cleaned with tonic. A sufficient amount of light filling is applied to the problem areas. When all filler vaccines are finished, the under-eye area is cleaned again with tonic. Creams are applied to prevent redness. Try to reduce redness with a cold compress.

Who is Suitable for Light Filling under the Eye?

Under-Eye Light Filling is a suitable method for men and women who experience sagging and bruising problems. Patients have good skin elasticity and sufficient skin thickness around their eyes to perform this procedure.

The use cases of the Under-Eye light filling are as follows.

  • Used in people with under-eye bruises and pale grey eye rings.
  • Used to improve skin quality around face and eyes and reduce volume loss.
  • It is a suitable technique for bags under the eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.
  • It can be preferred for under-eye color changes caused by daily activities.

Under-Eye Light Filler Prices

The price of the Under-Eye light filler varies according to the part where the procedure will be performed, the sessions and the amount of injection. You can get the clearest information from your doctor.

Advantages of Under-Eye Light Filler

Hyaluronic acid is the most preferred substance in light filling under the eyes. Since this filler is naturally present in the body, there is no risk of allergic reactions. it is possible to melt when dissatisfied. By adding volume to the hollow area under the eyes, it makes the eyes brighter and more vivid. It tightens sagging skin under the eye by adding volume under the eye and smoothing wrinkles. Brightens the dark circles under the eyes, provides collagen and blood flow.

Application results are quite successful and a refreshed, energetic and youthful appearance is achieved.

Under-Eye Light Filler FAQ’s

After How Long Does The Light Filling Under The Eye Lose Its Effect?

Under-eye filling is not permanent. But the duration of permanence depends on the content of the filling materials used. The person’s skin structure also affects this. The duration of light filling, which is usually applied for bruises under the eyes, is around 12-18 months. Its persistence increases after each application.

Is Light Filling Performed While Pregnant?

Procedures such as fillers and Botox are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Is there any pain after light filling under the eye?

Anesthetic creams are used to reduce the pain that the patient will hear from the procedure. In addition, needles are filled with cannulas, resulting in less pain and bleeding. There is also a small anesthetic content in the fillers used in the light filler under the eye. After the procedure, there is no pain.

Is There An Age Limit For Under-Eye Light Filling?

Filling under the eye can be applied to young or old patients. Practice is not recommended for children under a certain age. Your medical history will be examined by your specialist doctor and evaluated whether there is a risk of treatment.

How Often Is Under-Eye Light Filling Performed?

It is performed in sessions, as the maximum dose is not vaccinated in a single application. Additional Sessions may be October if deemed necessary by your doctor. Application in sessions ensures that unwanted effects are avoided and long-term results are obtained.

What should be considered after light filling under the eyes?

First, it is necessary to protect the injection site for the first week. The eyes should not be rubbed and massaged around the eyes. He should pay attention to the sleeping position and not sleep face down. Face down training should be avoided.

What Is the Price Of Under-Eye Light Filler?

There are many factors that will determine the cost of under-eye filler for an individual. The price varies depending on the type of filler injected, the amount of filler injected, the person’s age, lifestyle and skin type, and the desired final appearance.

How many days after light filling will take effect?

A quick procedure that immediately shows the effect of light filling under the eye. Most patients can return to work on the same day or continue their social life. But since patients sometimes have bruising, they are advised to rest for at least 2 weeks.

How Many Sessions Is The Under-Eye Light Filler?

It is administered in sessions, as the maximum dose is not vaccinated in a single application. Additional Sessions may be October if deemed necessary by your doctor. A maximum of three sessions is considered sufficient.

What Is The Persistence Time Of Light Fill?

Light filling under the eye is not permanent, but is a long-term treatment. The duration of persistence is related to the content of the filling materials used. At the same time, the person’s skin structure can also affect this period. Usually the average duration of persistence is 9-12 months.

How Is The Healing Process In Light Filling?

After filling application, redness, bruising or swelling may occur in the application area. Half an hour after the procedure, the face can be washed. Swelling around the eyes is more common. He can go back to work the next day.

Can men also have light fillers?

People of all ages who experience under eye bag, sagging and bruising problems under the eye can do this application. Especially today, it is among the methods preferred by well-groomed men who pay attention to decency.

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