Unwanted scars on the skin due to aging are scars that women especially care about very much and want to get rid of. With developing technology, it’s not difficult to have flawless skin. Thanks to the continuous self-renewing methods of the aesthetic world, you can get rid of wrinkles and skin spots on the skin. Today, women use the methods of mesolifting/mesotherapy to destroy these wrinkles and spots and have a younger appearance

Mesolifting, also called facial mesotherapy, is applied by experienced doctors in the most appropriate clinical conditions with Istanbul mesolifting.

What Is Mesolifting?

Mesolifting is the procedure of renewing the tissue of the lower and upper layers of the skin by injecting vitamins, minerals and some building elements necessary for the skin into the skin. Mesolifting, also called facial mesotherapy, regenerates the skin, prevents wrinkles and sagging skin, giving the skin its natural appearance.

What Is The Purpose Of Mesolifting?

Mesolifting is a practice for renewing the skin. It restores the tension and vitality lost by the skin. In addition to the natural effects of aging, skin sagging, skin spotting, skin wrinkles are a method applied to gain the natural appearance of the skin.

What Is Mesolifting Application?

  • Mesolifting is applicable to anyone after 25 years of age.
  • Nursing mothers and pregnant women
  • People at risk of infection in the area where the application will be made
  • Those with herpes in the area where mesolifting is applied
  • Diabetics using insulin
  • Cancer patients
  • Those suffering from blood clotting disorders
  • Heart patients and those undergoing multidrug therapy

In Which Areas Is Mesolifting Performed?

  • ● Cheek
  • ● Front
  • ● Eye edges
  • ● Hand back
  • ● Upper lips
  • ● Jaw
  • ● Cleavage zone
  • ● Neck

Before and After Mesolifting

Mesolifting is not a surgical operation and is painless, as it is numbed with local anesthetic creams prior to it. Here are the things to be followed before and after mesolifting.

Before treatment;

  • Sensitive skin may be swollen or red. Therefore, no social plans should be made.

* At least 2 days before Administration, aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs should not be used and alcohol should not be drunk.

  • If there are drugs used, you need to consult a doctor.
  • Skin care products should not be used at least 2 days before treatment.
  • 4 weeks before application, AHA skin care products should not be applied to the application area.

There are also some rules that must be followed after treatment. After mesolifting, there may be side effects such as swelling and pain, redness, itching and tenderness in the skin, bruising and bleeding, although rare. After treatment, you can make up, but it is forbidden to swim for 3-5 days.

You must protect your skin from the sun’s Rays. You can use extra moisturizer, but you should not go out in the sun for 24 hours. Activities that can damage the skin, such as sunbathing, sauna and steam bath, should be avoided.

When Is Mesolifting Effective?

Those who have had mesolifting are curious about the process after treatment. Sessions in facial mesotherapy range from 4 to 6 sessions. Each application is applied between 2-3 weeks. The question of when mesolifting becomes effective is important. Because each skin has its own characteristics and sensitivities. According to these problems, the number of Sessions may increase or decrease. Therefore, the duration of the application to show the effect is different in each skin.

After the application of mesolifting, the drugs used begin to take effect. This application, which acts under the skin, may take a little more time on some skin. So questions such as how persistent Mesolifting is, when it shows its effect should not be confused.

Many people who do mesolifting may wonder how long Mesolifting lasts. The application varies according to the skin condition of the person. Sessions are held for an average of 15-30 minutes. The number of sessions varies decidedly between 4 and 6 sessions depending on the age of the person.

Mesolifting Prices

Mesolifting is applied to prevent sagging skin and wrinkles on the face, to achieve a more tense and natural appearance. Mesolifting prices vary depending on application sessions and the amount of products used.

Prices for facial mesolifting vary according to the sessions performed and the volume of the problem on the face. Facial mesolifting prices must be examined to determine.

Skin mesolifting prices and facial mesolifting prices to determine the doctor’s first examination is important. Problems on the skin are analyzed individually. After that, prices are determined by determining how many sessions there will be and how much medication to use.

What Is Mesotherapy?

The application used for skin regeneration, which emerged in the 1950s and has come to the present day, answers us about the question of what is mesotherapy. Treatment using a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes is one of the most popular procedures for skin regeneration.

Typically in the World, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, slimming, stain and crack Treatment, Hair Treatment, acute and chronic sports injuries, skin diseases and treatment for cellulite are used.

Skin Problems Where Mesotherapy Is Performed

Mesotherapy is not done only for aesthetic appearance. It is also a very important useful application in terms of health.

  • Joint pain is treated with mesotherapy.
  • Neck and disc hernia diseases that are not very advanced are treated.
  • Reduces migraines and menstrual pain.
  • Treats wounds caused by sports activities.
  • Effective in treating cellulite.
  • It is preferred in the treatment of varicose veins.
  • There are effective treatment outcomes in obesity disease.
  • It is an ideal treatment to get rid of regional oils.
  • Those who have hair loss problems can also choose this treatment.
  • Provides skin blemishes removal.
  • Those who are dissatisfied with the appearance of freckles can eliminate the appearance of freckles with mesotherapy.
  • Treats scars of different causes.
  • Used to treat skin stretch marks.
  • Effective in removing wrinkles caused by aging.

Things to Consider Before Mesotherapy Treatment

Nutrition is one of the most important factors in the treatment of skin problems. What we eat directly affects our skin. Those with mesotherapy treatment should pay close attention to their nutrition. Before treatment, you should avoid high-protein food varieties. Coffee enthusiasts should also pay attention to caffeine before and after treatment. You should avoid all solid foods and beverages that contain caffeine, not just coffee.

If you have contracted diseases such as colds and flu at the time of treatment or shortly before treatment, it is recommended that the date of treatment be postponed. Drugs used for these diseases should also not be consumed before treatment. Those who fully recover and end their drug consumption may resort to mesotherapy treatment.

The process after treatment is easy, but there are factors that need to be considered. Hot showers should not be taken within 24 hours after treatment is completed. If possible, contact with water will never occur, it will be a more guaranteed method.

What is The Effect Period of Mesotherapy Treatment?

For the results of Mesotherapy treatment, it may be necessary to be patient. The area where the treatment is applied is different in duration of effect. Those who have been applied to bags under the eyes with mesotherapy treatment can feel their effects immediately after the first session. Those who prefer this treatment to get rid of regional fats will wait 2 – 3 sessions.

Who is Suitable For Mesotherapy Treatment?

Before mesotherapy treatment, it is checked for any health problems that do not interfere with treatment. Mesotherapy treatment is suitable for anyone between the ages of 16 and 75 who is healthy Dec. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, people with skin infections and people who are allergic to any of the substances used in the treatment are not treated.

Mesotherapy treatment is not the only solution for all skin problems. In advanced problems, treatment may be insufficient. In this case, it is more accurate to apply different treatments. By talking to your doctor, you can find out if mesotherapy is an adequate treatment for you.

Mesotherapy treatment is a procedure that does not feel much pain. The diameter of the needles used in the treatment is as thin as a strand of hair. For people who are not resistant to pain, local anesthetic creams are applied 45 minutes before to ensure that the area is less sensitive to pain.

Mesotherapy treatment has no significant side effects. Note that the specialist and clinic performing the treatment are certified and trained persons. To minimize side effects, it is important that the time between Sessions is not less than a week Dec. The dosage of the substance applied in the treatment should not be more than 10 CC for one session. According to your skin type and problem, the appropriate dosage will be determined by experts.

How Is Mesotherapy Performed?

Mesotherapy, which is one of the most preferred procedures for renewing the skin, is applied with and without needles. It is a medical procedure used since 1952. It was developed by Doctor Michel Pistor. It is used to treat scars and scars on your body that you complain about and want to correct their appearance. Small needles are used in mesotherapy application. For those who cannot stand the feeling of pain, local anesthesia is also applied. It is a form of treatment that can provide solutions to skin problems in a short time.

It is important for which problematic area mesotherapy treatment will be used. Because the dosage and content of substances vary depending on the purpose of use. You can choose Istanbul mesotherapy for skin renewal, hair loss, regional slimming or spot treatment.

How Is Mesotherapy Procedure Applied?

Mesotherapy treatment is performed by injecting various solutions into problem areas. These solutions may contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and various drugs. Drugs used in treatment are drugs approved by the American food and Drug Administration. Most of the products are sold in pharmacies. The risk of reaction of these products with herbal content is quite small. Solutions prepared for patients are different from each other. The expert uses accurate and compatible products. The most commonly used ingredients are hyaluronic acid, antioxidant vitamins such as A,D,C, B, E, selenium, zinc biloba, DMHA, vitamin B5, copper and zinc, which are effective in tightening the skin. These products can be used as cocktails in the form of liquid, cream or gel.

Before applying mesotherapy, you should research the specialist who will perform the treatment. You should consult with the experts you have identified. The center where treatment will be made must be hygienic. Treatment should be carried out with completely sterile means. If an unhygienic injection procedure is performed under the skin, there may be side effects. In order for treatments to succeed, the solutions used must also be prepared correctly. People who do not have any certificate of expertise in mesotherapy should not be treated. An improperly prepared solution can cause no effect, as well as cause allergic reactions.

Before treatment, you should consult a specialist doctor. If you’re allergic, you should tell your doctor. Before treatment, take an allergy test to prevent possible allergic reactions. If no problems are detected, it should be considered about how effective the treatment will be on the problems. A detailed information should be given on issues such as how advanced skin problems are, how they occur. A strong patient-doctor communication is a very effective point in achieving faster treatment success. After treatment, the recommendations of the specialist should be followed.

What Should Be Considered After Mesotherapy Treatment?

The results of Mesotherapy treatment may not be permanent for life. Depending on the region in which the treatment is applied, the duration of persistence varies. In cellulite treatments, it is usually repeated twice a year. In order to make the result of the treatment more permanent, you should eat healthy. Excessive consumption of foods such as Fast food causes problems to recur. In order to get results from treatment, you should exercise regularly.

Care should be taken not to perform various activities in the process immediately after the sessions. Strenuous sports should be avoided within 48 hours following each session. Do not shower with hot water in the first hours. Again, no makeup product should be used in the treated area within the first 4 hours. After treatment, slight redness or bruising may occur. These tracks will pass in no time. Immediately after treatment, these scars should not be covered with makeup. If there is still redness after the critical period has been passed, it can be easily covered with makeup.

Mesotherapy Prices

Mesotherapy treatment can be used in skin rejuvenation, hair loss, regional slimming and many more areas. Mesotherapy prices for the skin and mesotherapy prices for the face are different.

The number of sessions of application, the content and dosages of the substances to be used are the factors that affect prices in facial and skin mesotherapy. Therefore, 2022 mesotherapy prices and 2020 mesotherapy prices may not be the same. For detailed information, you can call Evren Helvaci Clinic.

Difference Between Mesotherapy and Mesolifting

There are some differences between Mesotherapy and mesolifting. Mesolifting, that is, facial mesotherapy, gives the skin its vitality and brightness, tightens the skin and tightens the skin by stretching it.

Any cosmetic creams applied on the skin with mesolifting do not go down to the deep layers. Mesotherapy, on the other hand, allows drugs to reach the target tissue. Facial mesotherapy is applied to every area of the face, as well as to the neck, cleavage and hand area.

Mesotherapy allows moisturizers and sunscreens to pass under the skin more quickly. As mesolifting products are various, application is completed in 1 session on some skin in 4-5 sessions on some skin.

Skin facial mesotherapy is practiced by an expert and professional team in Istanbul. To make your skin look younger and more natural, you can use our professional services by contacting our experienced team. You can also review our related pages for information about PRP application, hair transplant and French strap aesthetic methods.

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