What is French Hanger (dynamic hanger for face)?

Skin and subcutaneous tissue loss of volume and muscle tissues begin to relax when signs of aging begin to appear on the face. With the decrease of collagen in the skin, elastic fibers begin to relax.

  • Aging skin rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation
  • Regeneration of lost collagen
  • Removal of age spots
  • Face lift technique with rope is applied to remove wrinkles and return sagging tissues to their natural state.

Spring Thread, which is completely different from the filling process, is more flexible than other threads and is made in France, prevents sagging on the body and allows the face to be rejuvenated. Facial mimic disorder is eliminated with its feature that adapts to facial mimic movements.

How is French Hanger Face Lift Performed?

Treatment performed by applying local anesthesia lasts an average of 30-45 minutes. The treatment, which can be applied for all kinds of sagging and at any age, does not leave scars and stitches. The patient can return to his normal life within 1-2 days.

Who is The Suitable Or French Hanger Face Lift?

A face lift with a French hanger is a suitable procedure for people whose skin is sagging and wrinkled and who are not happy with their facial features. It is also a more ideal method for people who avoid surgical procedures. French hanger is also a treatment used in patients with partial facial paralysis.

In Which Parts is The French Hanger Applied?

  • Yarn hanger is applied to the face; cheeks, cheekbones, under the chin, oval parts of the face, eyebrow and neck areas.
  • If it is your body; it is applied to the chest, arms, buttocks and legs.

Is the French Hanger Effective On All Skin Types?

Your skin type is important in the method of hanging the rope. If the skin on your skin is thin and wrinkled, the result may not be at the desired level. At the same time, if your skin is too thick and heavy, the ropes used will not be enough for this method. For the French hanger to achieve the desired result, your skin needs to be thin and a little loose. You can be sure that doctors at the Evren Helvaci Clinic will not perform operations that you do not get accurate results.

After French Hanger

After an average of 30-45 minutes of skin tightening under local anesthesia, the patient can return to his daily life. Bruising, swelling or tenderness that may occur after each application may also occur after a face lift with dental floss. These side effects soon begin to disappear. After pulling the thread, the patient’s skin may itch. This mild itching soon passes on its own. Keeping your head upright after application will also prevent bruising or swelling.

Things to Consider After The French Hanger

A face lift with a rope is an application performed in one session. After the application, the patient can start his daily life. But it is necessary to pay attention to some points in a certain period of time.

  • Heavy spores should be avoided after application.
  • Sauna/hammam places such as 1 Week should be avoided.
  • Should be protected from sunlight.
  • Excessive jaw movements should not be performed in the first week. They should not show movements such as rubbing, lying on the stomach, scratching the face for at least 20 days. If there is any pain after stretching the thread, painkillers can be used for 2-3 days with the advice of a doctor.

People Who Have French Hanger

The French hanger, expressed as a face lift or face hanger, consists of polyester on the inside and silicone flexible ropes on the outside. French braces are made by those who want to get rid of excess skin on their face and those who want to rejuvenate their face. In addition, people with partial facial paralysis can also benefit from this application. Not only women, but men can also benefit from the application of a facial band. You can get detailed information about the application by contacting our expert and experienced team about Istanbul rope skin hanger.

How Permanent Is The French Hanger?

The full effect of the application begins to manifest itself at the highest level in an average of 3 months. The length of the rope face lift varies from person to person. An average of 1-2 years of continued application; the duration of stay begins to decrease due to effects such as smoking and alcohol consumption, skin neglect and irregular nutrition.

Advantages of French Hanger

Although it does not cause facial expression disorders by its structure, the dynamic belt that is seen naturally thanks to its adaptation to facial movements also naturally adapts to the muscle and fatty tissues of the body. Dynamic hanger with 4 to 6 years of permanence; it is used for Face and neck stretching, breast decal, arm sagging removal, leg stretching, butt decal and abdominal skin sagging removal.

French Hanger Side Effects

A rope face lift is an easy and safe application. You can see the effects that may occur after each application. Bruising, swelling or tenderness may occur after application. These side effects begin to disappear within an average of 1 Week.

French Hanger Prices

Prices for a rope face lift in 2022 also vary according to many different factors. The doctor who will make the application, the brand of the rope used, the number of ropes to be used play an important role in the variability of prices. Prices for a face lift with a rope also vary depending on the hospital where the person will perform the application, and whether the insurance will pay for this application.

Spider Mouth Face Lift Prices

It provides a lifting effect against sagging and aging in many areas of the body on the face and neck. Spider web face lift prices, in which even the finest wrinkles are removed from the skin, vary depending on the doctor who will perform the application, the quality of the materials used, how many ropes to use, and in which clinic or hospital the application will be performed.

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