Op. Dr. Evren Helvacı

Blanc Clinic Aesthetic and Medical Surgery Specialist

Expert on breast aesthetics, body contouring and genital area aesthetics at Blanc Clinic.

    • Surgical techniques that can produce the most effective and natural results for the patients in a short time
    • Experienced, professional and efficient surgical technique
    • Innovative approach for cosmetic surgery
    • Quality patient care, effective results as before and after pictures

Education and Learning Life

Evren Helvacı was born in 1978 in İskenderun. She completed her primary, secondary and high school education in İskenderun. After graduating in 1995, she entered Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. After completing her education, she started to work as a research assistant in Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Clinic in Ege University.

In 2008, she made important studies on the diagnosis and treatment of ign malignant melanoma Dr. Evren continued to work in private hospitals in Istanbul between 2010-2012. When 2013 came, she took care to improve herself in aesthetics by establishing her own office in Ataşehir. In 2017, Blanc Clinic & Beauty aims to provide the best service to its patients.

Op. Dr. Evren Helvacı, adheres to the literature on surgical and non-surgical subjects, but also follows the developing technologies and trends. After it became widespread among individuals, it began to show interest in non-surgical aesthetic applications.

Blanc Clinic

Blanc Clinic, Op. Dr. Evren is the result of Helvacı’s experiences and knowledge accumulated over the years.

The center helps patients reconcile with themselves and eliminate the effects of aging.

If we want to stay nice and well-groomed, we must first take care of ourselves. Dr. Helvacı always thinks that aesthetics increases the energy of individuals.