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The pursuit of ideal is characteristic of all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, regardless of age and any other factors. This applies to the appearance as a whole and, of course, the chest. At the same time, the owners of a large bust often experience the same dissatisfaction with their appearance as girls with small breasts.

Modern plastic surgery allows you to adjust both the shape and size of the breast. However, before deciding on an operation, you need to understand what the patient wants to get as a result. And for this it is necessary to understand the concept of “perfect breasts”, because each person is unique and represents the ideal in its own way.

What Is Perfect Breast?

I must say that the criteria for female beauty are constantly changing. For example, a few decades ago, the ideal of beauty was considered by girls and women who, by today’s standards, are openly magnificent. The same applies to the chest – over time, the parameters of the ideal bust have undergone quite strong changes.

Nevertheless, based on various studies, scientists have derived the average criteria for an ideal breast:

·         The nipple diameter is 0.8 cm and the areola diameter is 3.7 cm (± 0.8 cm).

·         The distance from the nipple to the fossa between the clavicles is 21 cm (± 3 cm).

·         The distance from the nipple to the pectoral fold is 6.5 cm (± 1 cm).

·         The distance between the nipples is 21 cm (± 2 cm).

·         The distance from the middle of the chest to the nipple is 11 cm (± 1 cm).

·         The breast volume for women with curvaceous forms is 300-600 cm3, for thin 150-200 cm3.

It is important to note that these parameters were calculated for girls aged 17-18 years, whose height is 162 cm. Therefore, when comparing, it is worth taking into account individual characteristics, such as height, weight, age, etc.

Calculation Of Perfect Chest Parameters Using A Triangle Rule

There is also another way to calculate the parameters of the ideal – this is the rule of the triangle. Imagine an isosceles triangle ABC, the base of which is the AC line drawn between the nipples, and the top B is the jugular cavity between the collarbones. In order to determine whether your breast fits the ideal parameters, it is necessary to divide by 2 the length of the AC line, and then divide the result by the length of the line AB or BC. For a breast that falls under the definition of ideal, a result of 0.4 – 0.6 is characteristic. If the chest sagged, this figure will be below 0.4. Well, in the event that the result obtained exceeds the upper coefficient, this means that the chest is excessively raised. It is also worth noting that if the imaginary triangle turned out to be not isosceles, that is, the line AB is not equal to the BC line, we can confidently talk about pronounced asymmetry.

Surgical Correction Of The Breast – Ideal Nearby

The desire to possess ideal forms often leads to the fact that women begin to experience various, and for the most part very dubious, ways to enlarge their breasts. It is important to note that, despite the assurances of manufacturers of creams, gels and other cosmetic products, non-surgical techniques give only a mild and extremely short effect.


Currently, the only reliable way to breast enlargement, which guarantees a long-term result, is mammoplasty. At the same time, it is important to note that the procedure for increasing the bust with implants today is so developed that it does not pose any danger to a woman. The implant is selected by the surgeon in accordance with the patient’s desire, but the last word belongs to the doctor, as his decision is based on practical experience and common sense.

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