Breast augmentation operations are performed to achieve the desired proportions of the breasts in terms of size, fullness, and shape. Among other aesthetic operations, breast augmentation operations are performed by plastic surgery operators.

Breast augmentation methods can be applied in various forms. Two primary methods as surgical breast augmentation and non-surgical breast augmentation exist. Before deciding on breast augmentation operation, it is crucial for the individual to be voluntary. Any attempt to undergo such an operation due to the decision of someone else could lead to psychological drawbacks on the individual afterwards.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation operation is performed to increase the size of female breasts in terms of form and fullness. Non-surgical breast augmentation is also possible. One of the methods of non-surgical breast augmentation is a next-generation breast filler called aquafilling or hydrofilling. This method is applied to those who are anxious about surgery or those who do not want to be anesthetized.

Those who want to return to their everyday life within a short period of time and those who do not want a surgical scar resort to various methods rather than surgical operations. Those who undergo non-surgical breast augmentation prefer the breast filler method known as aquafilling. Aquafilling breast filler method is performed by inserting a cannula with a special needle tip under the breast and injecting filler material called aquafilling.

When is Breast Augmentation Operation Performed?

Breast augmentation operation is performed from 18 years for saline breast implants and from 22 years and older for silicone breast implants. In certain cases, saline breast implants may be used at an earlier age for reconstructive purposes.

How can Naturally Small Breasts be Augmented?

For naturally small breasts, the desired appearance can be achieved by breast augmentation operations. Breasts undergoing changes in terms of shape and size after weight loss, pregnancy and lactation can be reshaped by breast augmentation surgery.

In breast augmentation operation performed under general anesthesia, aches and pains following operation are reduced by antiseptic analgesics. Following operation, stiffness may be observed in the area on which surgical operation has been performed. Tension and numbness as well as itching and sensitivity may also be present.

When such effects are experienced, the person may tend to demonstrate sudden reflexes such as moving or lifting up her arms. This may cause aching and pain to the person. On the other hand, individual pain thresholds are quite variable. Whereas some patients are more resistant to aching and pain, some others are not. In such cases, using painkillers prescribed by the doctor is helpful for the management of the condition.

What should be done after Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation operation may be performed in case of saggy breasts as well as in case of breasts undergoing changes in terms of shape and size after weight loss or breastfeeding. There are certain considerations to note following breast augmentation. One should follow all recommendations of the surgeon after breast augmentation.

  • Do not lift heavy objects after surgery.
  • Do not engage in sports which require force and mobility such as tennis or trampoline.
  • Use medication prescribed by the doctor as instructed after surgery.
  • Wear a bra limiting the movements of the breasts.
  • Do not lie on your back for about 10 days and maybe longer after surgery.
How much Breast Augmentation Cost?

Breast augmentation prices in 2019, as in previous years, vary based on various elements. Factors such as the quality of the implants used, the hospital where the operation takes place, the method used in breast augmentation operation as well as the surgeon performing such operation play a role in determining breast augmentation prices.

On the other hand, prices may also change in case of fat transfer breast augmentation method. In addition, both the operation duration and prices may vary in case breast lift operation is also a part of the breast augmentation operation.

Which Elements Play a Role in Determining the Size of the Breasts?

Before breast augmentation operation, the proportion of the breast size must be determined. The height and weight of the patient are important. The second element in determining such proportions is the thoracic cage.

The breast size and breast tissue as well as the extent of flabbiness of the breasts are taken into account. The symmetry between the breasts is another crucial factor in determining the extent of the breast size.

Is there any Scar Left After Breast Augmentation Operation?

Yes. A little and almost indistinct scar may be created during breast augmentation operation.

What should be done before Breast Augmentation Operation?

Some planning is required before breast augmentation treatment. First of all, breast augmentation operation must only be performed based on your own decision. Undergoing such an operation based on the mere words of others could cause psychological effects on the patient.

A dedicated hospital attendant by your side is required before breast augmentation operation and during the first 24 hours post-op. All responsibilities in professional and private life must be minimized. Arrangements must be made so as to assign a coworker for your assignments at work and a relative or a close friend for your tasks and chores at home.

A comprehensive list of required items on the day of operation must be created, and such required items must be obtained. If the patient is stress-free, happy, and peaceful in mind for operation, this will facilitate the recovery period after surgery.

What are Breast Augmentation Implants?

Breast augmentation implants are primarily categorized under two groups as saline and silicone breast implants. Saline breast implants are filled with a saline solution similar to body fluid. Consultation with your doctor will ensure selection of the most suitable breast implants as teardrop or round breast implants for the type of breasts desired.

Round implants are similar to a hemisphere in terms of shape. On the other hand, the lower part of teardrop implants has a full look and the upper part is in the form of an oblate hemisphere. The following factors are crucial in choosing the type of breast implants:

  • The thickness of the breast skin,
  • The thickness of the pectoral muscle,
  • The height of the person,
  • The extent of flabbiness in breast tissue,
  • Whether the patient previously underwent such kind of surgical operation, and
  • The distance between the shoulders and the nipples.

Teardrop implants have a more natural look in patients whose thoracic cage skin and pectoral muscles are rather weaker. Natural look is achieved in individuals whose thoracic cage is long. In case of saggy breasts, teardrop implants provide a better breast shape.

On the other hand, round implants are quite ideal for women who like to wear low-cut clothes. Round breast implants put an end to the need for wearing push-up bras. Women with thick breast skin and pectoral muscles attain more proportionate breasts with round implants.

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