Mammaplasty is one of the aesthetic operations to become more popular over the recent years. However, mammaplasty is not only intended for cosmetic purposes but it is also crucial for health concerns. Such health concerns include:

  • Pain in neck, back, and shoulders,
  • Rash and odor due to large breasts coming in contact with the skin on the belly,
  • Difficulty in performance of physical activities, and
  • For women with large breasts, deformities in the shoulders due to pressure from bra straps.

Mammaplasty is sought after women with saggy breasts due to gaining weight, frequent childbirth, breastfeeding, and naturally having large breasts.

Breast reduction operations are performed under general anesthesia. Some small-scale pain may develop after operation. Such pain is eliminated by ice compress and various painkillers.

Burning sensation as well as slight stinging sensation may develop in the breasts following surgery. These conditions may persist from 6 to 12 months. However, extremely painful conditions are not the case.

What are Breast Reduction Methods?

Every woman has a breast structure unique to her. Breasts are not always the same size. In breast reduction operations, both breasts undergo operation in order to ensure symmetry in both breasts. Breast reduction methods include reverse T, L, and I-type incisions.

In addition to surgical breast reduction methods, non-surgical breast reduction methods also exist. Non-surgical breast reduction methods include liposuction, laser-aided breast reduction, and methods to be applied in combination with breast reduction exercises.

Is there any Scar Left After Breast Reduction Operation?

Yes. Scar remains after breast reduction operation. Scar is formed based on the breast reduction method. Women with large breasts undergo breast reduction operations which adopt various methods.

Around and under the nipples, scars based on the reverse T, L, and I-type incisions are left. Since such scars are formed around the areola, which is a darker area, the scars remain indistinct.

Scar formation alongside the lines under the areola is rather visible. Such scars are not noticeable in the front. The methods and surgical supplies used also allow for making such scars less distinct after surgery.

Recovery Period for Breast Reduction Operation

Many people wonder about the recovery period following breast reduction operation. The patient must stay at the hospital for 1 day after surgery. The fluids accumulated after surgery are removed from the body through drainage tubes. These drainage tubes are only used in case of large breast operations.

After removal of the drainage tubes, medical dressing is applied to the breasts, and then the patient must wear a sports bra. The first follow-up after surgery takes place after 1 to 2 weeks. The sutures are moved on the second week and scar treatment continues.

Which Proportions are Adopted for Breast Reduction?

In breast reduction operations, shoulder width and breast girth are the first criterion in determining the proportion of the breasts. Especially for unmarried young women who have not given any childbirth, breast reduction operation is performed within certain proportional limits. This is to prevent disruption of lactation functions of young patients.

In calculating the proportions for breast reduction, the patient is subject to breast analysis. The amount of excess tissue to be removed is calculated based on the size of the mammary gland volume by simulation method, and the results are provided to the patient.

Upon confirmation of the patient, the method to be adopted is determined. Following determination of the method, the necessary incisions are performed based on the amount of breast tissue to be removed, and such excess tissue is removed, and the operation is completed.

Breast Reduction Prices 2020

Breast reduction prices in 2020, as in previous years, vary based on the method to be adopted. Since such operations are considered as an aesthetic operation, such kind of operations are not covered by regular health insurance.

Patients who are curious about breast reduction prices should take into account certain factors. These prices depend on certain factors such as the amount of tissue to be removed during operation, any potential risks that may develop, equipment and supplies used during surgery, the level of specialization of the surgeon, and the hospital where such operation is performed.

The comments on breast reduction prices in 2020 often mention about an increase in breast reduction prices based on the exchange rates. Therefore, patients should consult their doctor and discuss in detail about each and every factor that may affect such breast reduction prices.

Is Breast Reduction Operation Risky?

Yes. Breast reduction operation poses certain risks as in all surgical procedures. Risks which may develop during or after surgery include hemorrhage, blood loss, and hematoma.

Other risks include infection of the wounds and failure of the wound to heal properly. In case of extremely large and saggy breasts, the procedure is performed by intending to protect the nipple. In such cases, there is also a risk of losing the nipple.

In certain breast reduction operations, recovery of the wounds take time or fail to heal properly. This is often observed in diabetic patients and smokers. Treatments incorporating special methods are applicable to such kind of patients.

Post-op risks entail such conditions as developing an infection, inflammation, dissolution of sutures, or opening of sutures. In this case, emergency action is taken by reapplication of sutures on the wounds to reduce the risks involved.

Is Breastfeeding Possible After Breast Reduction?

Mammary glands are also subject to surgical procedure during breast reduction operations. Certain parts of the mammary glands, even if not all, are required to be removed. Although breast reduction is not considered to prevent breastfeeding, women may not be able to breastfeed in case all of the mammary glands are removed during surgery.

Certain methods adopted during breast reduction procedures may result in minimal loss of function in mammary glands. Female plastic surgeons and other surgeons provide a number of recommendations to their patients after breast reduction operations.

The most crucial advice among others is to decide in advance on such kind of operations and prefer a regular life and a regular diet. Another crucial factor for the patient is to find a trustworthy doctor to undergo such a procedure.

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