What is J-Plasma – Renuvion ?

J-Plasma is known as a new generation cellulite treatment, but it’s not right to think of it as a cellulite treatment alone. J-plasma purifies the part that is celluloid from it, while the skin restructures and tightens. Because of this, the skin becomes younger. Female menopause is also a hormonal transition. Especially problems such as lubrication in the lumbar region, weight gain and loss of tissue elasticity occur during this period. 

The application of J-plasma allows to improve the quality of the skin, reduce cellulite, as well as strengthen the skin and sculpt the body. The long-term effect is noticeable in a single session. With Renuvion technology, you can improve the parts of your body that are flexible and do not disappear in men or women, sports or diet. A new technique, this wonderful tool tightens the skin and makes it look younger. It also stimulates the lower part of the skin, tightens and tightens the body. This technology is more lasting and impressive than the results of other applications.

How is J-Plasma Performed?

J-plasma is produced using high-frequency energy. A temperature of 85 degrees is applied under the skin. The technology used is a new generation of technology that traps heat under the skin from 80 to 85 degrees deceleration. The upper surface of the skin does not feel this heat. That is why there are no negative conditions on the skin, such as damage or burns. J-Plasma removes celluloid under the skin from the body, while at the same time stretching and hardening the skin. The temperature difference between the upper and lower skin in plasma applications is one of the most important factors that increase the success the application. When the temperature under the dough rises sharply, it rises sharply. But the celluloid in the area has been completely destroyed.

Plasma Technology in Liposuction Surgery

The J-plasma technology used in liposuction simultaneously absorbs the upper layer of the skin, opens the closed pores and removes the upper layer from the skin. In short, J-plasma technology runs many processes simultaneously. J plasma technology is implemented in conjunction with liposuction. It is a process of tightening the skin tissue by making a small incision of 0.5 cm in the loose part of the body. As a result, the body is reconstructed.

How Does Renuvion Skin Tightening Work?

Renuvion skin tightening; skin rejuvenation as a non-surgical method can be applied to the face, skin and body areas. Detailed examination and treatment method will be determined before the application. Depending on the situation, local or general anesthesia may be given during administration. In this application, which is applied in a single session, the skin is entered under the skin with a small incision of 2 mm. Eliminates sagging and wrinkles due to aging. After application, the results will be observed immediately. In the applied area, the skin heals and quickly tightens. It can be applied to all ages, all sexes and all skin types. The application takes an average of 1 hour. The recovery process after application is very fast. It can strengthen the sagging skin of the abdomen. The results become noticeable on average in 3-6 months. It removes celluloids and tightens the hip and hip area. After the procedure, a slight redness may occur. Apart from that, there are no problems. It is recommended not to use products containing green tea, garlic, aspirin and vitamin E for a week before administration. 

In Which Parts Is J-Plasma – Renuvion Performed?

J Plasma-Renuvion technology can be applied to almost any part of the face, body and skin. It restores wrinkles, wrinkles and wrinkled skin on the face. It tightens and rejuvenates the skin, eliminates weight loss and slight sagging in the abdomen and waist area during pregnancy. Thanks to Renuvion, the appearance of cellulite is reduced.

Apart from this, it can also be applied to the following parts ,

  • Neck and jowl area
  • Back area
  • Waist Area
  • Basin Area
  • Knee Area
  • Inner and outer thigh
  • Subcutaneous and upper
  • Chest area
  • Arm Area

J-plasma technology is an application performed in a clinical setting under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia according to the patient’s preference. The procedure is performed by working completely subcutaneously. After application, the skin hardens and rejuvenates. It can be applied to the anyone aged of 30-80 years. You can easily remove the slight looseness of the chin and neck. If you do not like a face lift or surgery, you can be sure to use Renuvion technology. 

This will make your skin look smoother and younger. Immediately lift and tighten the skin. Before applying it, your doctor will determine the degree of sagging of your skin. Excellent results can be achieved with light and medium-sized bags. Nowadays, technological advances in body rejuvenation are far behind plastic surgery. 

The new generation of applications for shaping and rejuvenating the body does not leave an incision, it does not leave a mark on the area where the procedure is performed. You will immediately receive the results of the procedure. In addition, the long-term and lasting effect increases the preference for J-Plasma Rejuvenation..

J Plasma Method in Body Shaping

The J-plasma method has been one of the most common methods of strengthening and rejuvenating the body over the past few years. The reason why it is most preferred is that it is comfortable, there is literally no surgical intervention, and the application is very fast. The latest device for cellulite treatment and local reduction applications, J Plasma application, is carried out using helium plasma energy. It breaks down fats, providing maximum heat under the skin, and also causes irritation of collagen and elastin in that area.

What are the Advantages of J-Plasma- Renuvion Technology?

The J Plasma-Renuvion technology has many advantages. The application of J plasma is mainly a combination therapy. The combination shows that it can be applied to many areas of the body at the same time. Therefore, this is the main advantage. This is an easy and convenient way for those who are afraid of surgery. It can be easily applied to the face, including sensitive areas of the body, and does not cause complications. It provides faster and more accurate results than other laser and radio frequency schemes. In addition, no incision or skin removal is performed during J-plasma therapy. It is painless and has an immediate effect at the end of the procedure. It provides a quick, trackless recovery to the site of application of the body. This is a very reliable application. In addition, according to the patient’s preference, it can be easily performed without general anesthesia and under local anesthesia. And also: 

    • It provides a quick and comfortable recovery process without surgery.
    • You will feel the difference in your skin better before and after the procedure.
    • It provides skin tightening and recovery quickly and in a short time.
    • Eliminates flabby, flabby skin with pancakes and improves skin quality.
    • You get a taut and elastic skin.
    • You will get a more youthful, dynamic and natural image
    • You can do body contouring in an easy way.
    • You can destroy celluloids.
    • You can get rid of slight and moderate sagging that occurs during weight loss and pregnancy.
    • It repairs your skin by eliminating scratches, spots and wrinkles caused by aging and the sun.It is highly reliable, applicable to all body types.
    • You can eliminate the problem in one session.
    • You can apply it with peace of mind even in sensitive areas such as the eyelid.
    • It does not damage the skin tissues.
    • A painless and rapid healing process is experienced.

J-Plasma – Renuvion Technology FAQ’s

What is Plasma Energy?

Plasma energy consists of a combination of high-frequency energy and helium gas. At this stage, plasma energy is released. Plasma energy affects the connective tissue in the lower part of the skin, tightening the connective tissue in the area where it is applied. An 85-degree heat is applied under the skin, but this heat is not felt on the surface. In no case will there be any burns or deterioration of the skin tissue. Therefore, tissue damage does not occur. It is one of the new generation technologies that can be safely applied.

What is Renuvion Cosmetics Technology?

The answers to the question of what is Renuvion cosmetic technology are as follows: it involves the intervention of skin tissue on the face and body areas to ensure a smooth and youthful appearance. In the developed device, helium gas is cooled using the high-frequency method. The cooled and released plasma is applied to the desired area. It stretches and renews the subcutaneous tissue under the skin. The elastic structure of the skin looks young. In addition, Renuvion cosmetic technology provides faster and more reliable healing than laser or radio frequency applications.

In Which Parts Is J Plasma Most Performed?

J-Plasma is a combination of aesthetic applications applied to many areas of the body. The most important point that coincides with aesthetic applications is the absence of incision marks. For this reason, it is preferred by both patients and physicians due to its fast healing process and safe application. It is very important that there is no risk of burning under the skin, and the image of the upper surface of the skin is very uniform. This is one of the most important factors in repairing an application and guaranteeing its service life. J-Plasma applied to many areas, including the face, gives satisfactory results, especially in the abdomen, back, buttocks and tickle areas.

J Plasma - Renuvion Application Prices

J Plasma application is an aesthetic application. Of course, the price of the transaction is very important. However, the experience and experience of the center where the application was made and the doctor who made the application are the conditions for determining the price. J-plasma surgery is not an operation, therefore it costs less than surgery. This is the most accurate way to get the most accurate information about this at the clinic where the request is made and at the doctor who does it. 

The prices of J Plasma Reunion Treatments may also vary depending on the part in which they are applied. For example, to prevent wrinkles and slight sagging on the face and strengthen the skin can be offered at a different price. In addition, treatments for the abdomen, which has fallen out of strength due to weight loss and pregnancy, are performed differently. In addition, there may be different prices depending on the body shaping process. This method can be used to eliminate cellulite problems easily and painlessly. You can make your skin look firmer by removing the loose skin on your arms. You can use Renuvion technology to eliminate flabbiness and blackheads in your waist and back area.

Who Can Have J Plasma - Renuvion Treatment?

J-plasma applications can be performed by anyone who likes them. J Plasma-Renuvion treatment can be applied to people between 30 and 80 years of age. Renuvion technology can be applied to all patients who are in good general health and do not have skin health problems. Patients of any age who want to shape their body can apply this treatment. But your doctor will determine in advance whether you are a good candidate for this subject or not. The first test determines the ratio of the bag to body sagging. J Plasma Technology has very successful results, especially with light to moderate exfoliation and sagging. In addition, those who prefer a fast and painless healing process, those who are afraid of surgery or a face lift can use this method. It also applies to all skin tones, but it is more effective for light skin tones.

Can J Plasma Be Combined With Other Aesthetic Surgeries?

What makes J-Plasma application important is that it can be combined with other plastic surgeries. In classical liposuction surgery, J-plasma is applied during the removal of adipose tissue to provide rejuvenation and stiffness in this area. Therefore, the effect of the application of J-plasma can further enhance the combination.

Is Renuvion Treatment Permanent?

Renuvion therapy is more permanent and effective than laser or radioactive techniques. Other technologies are more painful and short-lived. But the Renuvion technology allows you to quickly remove loose skin. It can be used to quickly and painlessly remove wrinkles, sun and aging-induced spots, scratches and celluloids. You can visually see the difference before and after the application. It tightens the skin, removes sagging and makes you look younger. This technique provides a painless, non-surgical method. You can also shape the hip and hip area. It provides a smooth and even complexion.

The Healing Process After the J Plasma - Renuvion Procedure

The healing process of J plasma is fast. It is healthier, more practical and more reliable than other technical applications. In the first week after application, small bruises and swelling appear. There is a little dryness on the skin. However, the skin will completely recover in a few weeks. Thanks to the stimulation of collagen production, you can see its effect for a long time. Moisturizing the skin is done with medications prescribed or recommended by your doctor. Full recovery occurs 3 to 6 months. There are usually no side effects in the healing process.

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